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    September 2014

Benefits of using 3D for improving your sales​

The increasing online selling platform market makes your sale easier if you know how to show your products. The ever-growing e-commerce market demands to constantly improve your presentation, engage your customer’s attention and increase the number of visits on your site. With eye-catching, stunning and up-to-trends 3d visualizations you can achieve the expected result, increase value of your sales cart and receive less returns thanks to precise presentation. There are even more advantages when using a 3d animation as a medium-this may be used as an educational or manual explanation video or a commercial story-telling video.

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Product Packshot

Present your product on a clean background (white or colorful, arranged to the product) with beautiful shading and lighting. This is a great way to see what your product is made of, like the type of wood, plastic, glass, etc. Packshots greatly fit website configurators, when the same product has many colors and additional features. Additionally, it makes the product look clean and eye-catchy. It’s also great for e-commerce platforms with easy to scale up the number of product variations in a short time.

Product Animation

We create highly realistic 3D videos and showreels of various products, with impressive effects. Such material can be extremely helpful for marketing, advertisement, or product portfolio update. It also costs much less than a traditional video in a studio. Animation is a powerful solution for showing the product’s best features and how it can be used. Bring life to the product and show its advantages with 3D animation – even if the product doesn’t exist yet.

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Environmental 3D Renders

This option helps to place and see your product in any chosen environment, from a wide variety of interior styles to commercial spaces. It can be a great solution for your marketing and portfolio reinforcement purposes. This solution is more flexible and easier than a traditional photo shoot – no need for product transportation. Immerse the product into “real-life” surroundings.

360 Degrees Presentation

Using that presentation, you will be able to show all the angles of the product. This is certainly the solution to see the product precisely, which can make the experience and choice of the potential customer simple and coherent. Moreover, having such a presentation makes it unnecessary to go to the shop to be sure what to buy. It’s a great choice for e-commerce platforms to improve the selling process and show more than just a still image. 


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